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Spree Ember is collection of Ember CLI addons for building ambitious eCommerce websites. The goal of the project is to establish a shared solution to common eCommerce problems, and build on each other's work to provide stability.


With the explosion of single page application tools, no industry has more potential to benefit than the world of eCommerce. As the web surges forward, so does the potential of Customer experience. Compelling interactive experience is fast becoming a new path to increased conversions.

Those who have gone down that path with Spree will understand just how complex the single page approach becomes. This project aims to mitigate this complexity by providing shared solutions for:

  • Data Retrieval and Server Communication
  • Browser UI State Persistence
  • User Authentication
  • Current Order Management
  • Stateful Checkout Flow
  • Serverside Error Handling
  • Reactive Single Page Checkout

Additionally, Spree Ember makes it easy by:

  • Using it's own store, adapter and serializer, allowing it to work side by side with your existing Ember infrastructure
  • Providing responsive layouts out of the box
  • Implementing flexible architecture through Ember CLI Environment configs
  • Seperating application concerns into a plugin style ecosystem

Ok, but why Spree?

Spree's first commit was in 2008. In eCommerce, an older codebase is a good thing. Older codebases have stood the test of time, and slowly had all of the bugs, edge cases and concerns beaten out of them through years of battle testing in production.

We're working to achieve the same stability that the Spree engine has with Spree Ember.


Please help! There's tons to do. To get a dev environment going, see on Github.

To get started, first you'll need to configure Spree.