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Spree Ember Checkouts uses Ember FSM to define a Stateful Checkouts abstraction as a service for writing reactive single page checkout flows. It exclusively uses the Spree Checkouts API with an Order Serializer to transiton an order to completion, and populate the order's DS.Errors attribute when server validation fails.

This addon also adds currentOrder session support to the central spree service.

Note: This Package is included with spree-ember-storefront. If you're using that, there's no need to install this seperately.

It uses:


ember install spree-ember-checkouts

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Order Management

The addToCart function will create an order if one doesn't currently exist, and then add a variant to cart. You can optionally pass in a quantity, too!

// => null

var _this = this;
this.spree.addToCart(variantModel).then(function() {
  // => "cart"

  // => null

Advancing an Order through the Checkout

All order state manipulation is done exclusively through the transition function. Under the hood, it triggers state transitions on the checkouts Finite State Machine, to ensure the frontend state stays in sync with Spree's Order State Machine.

The Checkouts service is designed to allow a reactive style of programming for the checkout flow, allowing the developer to focus on the User experience, and trust that the internals of the State Machine will clear up and reconsolidate user edge cases.

var checkouts = this.spree.get('checkouts');

  function() {
    // => "delivery"
    // => "delivery"

    checkouts.transition("address").finally(function() {
      // => "address"
      // => "delivery"

In the above example, the Checkouts currentState diverges from the currentOrder state when moving backward. This is expected behaviour - the states will reconsolidate when the order advances forward again.

Note: This is an example of why it's important to use the Checkouts service as the canoncial state to represent in the UI, and not the currentOrder directly.

Subscribing to Checkout Events

The Spree Checkouts package also supports a event bus / callback style architecture. This is useful for binding events to Google Analytics, and such.

this.spree.on('didAddToCart', function(lineItem) {
  alert(lineItem.get('') + " added to cart!");

For more information, please see the spree-ember-checkouts API Documentation.